We are Proximo Prime

Integrating local market expertise for unparalled results

At Proximo Prime we combine our local market expertise with responsive best practices, deploying cultural and political understanding to deliver results.

Value Proposition

As an industry agnostic consulting firm, we specialise in Business Development, Project Management, Government Relations and other Business Relationship management. We focus on supporting and representing companies entering the Nigerian and West African market.

At Proximo Prime, we understand the demand for impactful solution within the business and policy making space. We are the translators of diverse data and analytic information; from strategy to advocacy and action that will resonate among our clients ideal audience. With operational hubs in Nigeria, West Africa and the U.A.E; Proximo Prime understands and appreciates diverse markets and cultural nuances. 

Why Proximo Prime

Proximo Prime is able to project manage any mandated opportunity through our extensive network of professionals. We have the proven capacity and experience in winning contracts, managing business relationships and projects teams in various sectors across public, private and social establishments.

Our experts provide a comprehensive service and we are guided by our core principles of trust, integrity and quality. When a client hires us, they engage all the resources of our entire firm, rather than a single individual.


Our in-depth knowledge of the Nigerian and West African business environment, means that we can facilitate quick market entry, reducing your risk and allowing for optimal levels of operational excellence understanding to deliver the results your business requires.

We value our reputation as well as our clients’ and place a premium on symbiotic collaboration.

The Proximo Prime Process

Initial Discussions & Meetings

To understand your business and key objectives

Market Research & Strategy

Provide a detailed report highlighting opportunities within Nigeria and wider West Africa

Strategy Direction Alignment & Finalisation

Acquire and utilise feedback to finalise on strategic direction

Execution & Timely Reviews

Lead generation and regular stakeholder engagement to keep you informed on all account activity

On-going Client Support

Continous post-project checks with you to ensure plan optimisation, and partnership building with your business


Why Choose Us?

We deliver global expertise, discreetly handling timely and effective deployment of localized solutions tailored to the West African market. We deliver synergy, collaborating seamlessly with your team to achieve your objectives. We are responsive and flexible, continuously monitoring and refining strategies to ensure attainment of your objectives.

Simply put - We deliver!

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