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Our international business-consulting unit can assist you with the planning and execution of your international dealings

We understand the demand for impactful solutions in business and policy

Proximo Prime are the translators of diverse data and analytic information; from strategy to advocacy and action that will resonate among our clients ideal audience. With operational hubs in Nigeria, West Africa and the U.A.E; Proximo Prime understands and appreciates diverse markets and cultural nuances. Our services include:

Business Development Consulting

At Proximo Prime, our focus is on helping you grow or establish your presence in Nigeria/West Africa. We will partner with you and champion your cause - working closely with you and actively participate in the development and implementation of your operative initiatives.

Here is what you stand to gain from working with us ; First, an introduction of new products and services aligned with customers’ needs. We enhance business performance and profitability through the addition of new and varied revenue streams. Furthermore, the sustenance of competitive advantage against competitor brands. We also facilitate business trainings haven invested the time to develop world-class management courses that give any career or portfolio a boost.

Our business development team possess the local knowledge and experience necessary to generate leads that promote your business resulting in exponential bottom line results. Our Expertise includes

  • Business Development
  • Market Intelligence/Market Entry
  • Strategic Resource planning
  • Bids, proposals and tenders for work
  • Business training

Project Management

Every project needs a project manager, an entity with their eye on every detail at every stage from inception to completion. That’s what we deliver. We assists our clients in establishing their options, defining their project needs and managing project delivery to realise business benefits and deliver projects to time, cost and quality. We plan, allocate and adjust project resources to efficiently and sustainably achieve project goals.

At ProximoPrime, we understand the novelty of each project and that service delivery is critical for high impact, time sensitive projects. Accordingly, we engage a tailored approach for each project with transformative results; delivering value for money by providing the highest standards of project management services.

Our project team have 30 years of combined professional experience in project management across various sectors (manufacturing , oil and gas, construction, health, aviation social sectors etc) working with SMEs to large corporations and government institutions.

Government & Business Relations

Proximo Prime provides a range of advisory services to organizations across public, private and social sectors to drive value and capture opportunity. Dealings at policymaking level are a tedious and intrinsic process that Proximo Prime is well versed at. We offer our clients cross-partisan knowledge and solutions to effectively execute strategy and sustain success.

We are focused on regulatory liaison, crisis management and business development for companies and associations that wish to engage in strategy discussions with NGO’s, government parastatals and more. The seamless relationship between organizations, research variables, stakeholders and your project objectives is our primary goal at Proximo Prime.

Proximo Prime will weigh the following for the client; strategic views of business relationships; current processes for managing said relationships; the opportunity costs of relationship management policies.

Our team are extremely flexible, well versed and able to tailor our support to match your business sector and ambitions. As a team, we collectively have 25 years of experience in managing business relationships by providing professional representation, expert strategic support and advice.

Our capabilities include:

  • Federal and State Government Relations
  • Public Affairs and Strategic communications
  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Business Regulatory Liaisons


The advent of technology and the democratization of knowledge requires organizations to be dynamic to remain competitive. We can assist your organization adapt to by training the workforce of the future.


Why Choose Us?

We deliver global expertise, discreetly handling timely and effective deployment of localized solutions tailored to the West African market. We deliver synergy, collaborating seamlessly with your team to achieve your objectives. We are responsive and flexible, continuously monitoring and refining strategies to ensure attainment of your objectives.

Simply put - We deliver!

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