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We are Proximo Prime

An industry agnostic, boutique consulting firm with a focus on supporting new entrants into Nigerian & West African markets.

Our experience in Business Development, Project Management, Government Relations, and all other ancillary matters; complemented with an unrivalled network of vetted industry experts, has helped us build and maintain a reputation for delivering result orientated business solutions..


What We Offer

Business Consulting

We offer a comprehensive business consulting & development service that will help support and accelerate your entry/growth into your target Market.

Project Management

We understand each project has its own complexities and nuanced service delivery is vital for high value, time sensitive projects. We utilise tailored approaches tapping into our world class roster of professionals for impactful results

Government & Business Relations

We provide your business with professional representation, strategic support and expert advice. We will hand hold you to develop resonating key messages while ensuring that you speak with the right people, Afterall you are best placed to speak for your business


The advent of technology and the democratization of knowledge requires organizations to be dynamic to remain competitive. We can assist your organization adapt to by training the workforce of the future


Why Choose Us?

We deliver global expertise, discreetly handling timely and effective deployment of localized solutions tailored to the West African market. We deliver synergy, collaborating seamlessly with your team to achieve your objectives. We are responsive and flexible, continuously monitoring and refining strategies to ensure attainment of your objectives.

Simply put - We deliver!

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